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Naturo Mango Fruitbits Combo- 405g
Naturo Mango Fruitbits Combo- 405g
Rs. 300
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    • Pack contains 3 units of Naturo Mango Fruitbits
    • Each pack of Fruitbits is 135g


    • Made from carefully selected, hand-picked fruits, a whopping 7-8kgs of fresh fruit is used to produce 1kg of Fruitbits Mango!
    • An excellent source of dietary fiber and natural nutrients.

    How To Use

    • Pop this delicious snack into your cereal.
    • Or on top of your yogurt or ice-cream!
    • Driving, traveling or on-the-go.
    • When you’re at the office, for a spot of energy.
    • Hanging out at home? Have a snack!
    • A tasty garnish to many dishes.
    • Either way, you’ll have a fruity blast!


    • Mango Slices (81%)
    • Sugar (18%)
    • Dextrose
    • Citric acid(E330) and Potassium Meta Bisulphite(E224).
    • Contains added Nature Identical & Natural flavoring substances.

    Regional Speciality

    • Made with Totapuri Mango fruit cut pieces
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