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Naturo Food and Fruit Products

Why choose Naturo
Savour the rich fruity goodness in every single bite!
Every Naturo product contributes to the recommended daily fruit intake of 100g/day.
A Healthy Tasty Treat!
banner Real Fruit
Made from fruit pulp
banner Healthy
Contains essential nutrients from real fruits
banner Tasty
Tastes just like the real thing
Recharge banner
Fuel up with a single bar
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Fruit Bars, Candied Fruits, Dehydrated Fruits, No added Sugar Fruit Bar
Anytime banner
Snack as you go
Naturo Nostalgia
Sneaking in a mango bar in the late afternoon or buying one just before school starts is how we remember Naturo! The familiar fruity taste is embedded in our childhood memories. Preserving the goodness of fruits is at the heart of Naturo’s product innovation. And we strive to bring the nutrition of real fruits in each of our products.
Our Best Sellers
Rs. 360
Description Raw mango with a crazy spicy twist! Gluten-free, ideal for vegans and people with...
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