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About Us

Naturo About Us

Naturo began as the fruit processing division of Nutrine Confectioneries, the market leader in Indian confectionery for 26 years from 1980 to 2006. Following the sale of the Nutrine Group in 2006, Naturo was retained with a singular purpose--to provide you with a wonderful selection of portable, real fruit choices that enrich and delight!

At Naturo, we believe in the power of real fruit to inspire healthier living. We know that fruit plays an important role in providing essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Preserving the goodness of fruit is at the heart of our product innovation.

We strive to bring the nutrition of real fruit through each of our delicious tropical fruit products. It's our hope that everyone, young and old, enjoys the goodness of fruit all year round, in the most delicious and convenient forms! From ready-to-eat health snacks to delicious jams and jellies--we produce it all.

Every product from the house of Naturo contributes to the recommended daily fruit intake of 100g/day. Our innovative array of fruit-rich products provide an exciting choice of nutrient-rich alternatives to snack on and include in your daily repertoire.

Dive in! We invite you to experience the explosive fun and nutritional power of fruit with Naturo!